Can Lights: Up-lighting

Add a personal, decorative touch to any venue. With basic color capabilities, these lights shoot a tight beam perfect for accenting walls, pillars, or pipe and drape.

$25 per unit


Flat Pars: LED Up-lighting

Great for washing entire rooms, walls, or ceilings. These LED lights can be programmed with a series of light shows, able to fade or flash between very specific colors at various speeds

$45 per unit

$300 for 10 lights - $30 per additional light


Custom Monogram

Personalize your event with your own custom monogram! Looks great on any flat surface such as walls, ceilings, and floors. The brag-worthy pictures and memories will last a lifetime!




Mirror Ball w/ Pinspots

The classic mirror ball! Light up your event with a sea of pinspots for a fun effect!




Light up important focal points with our follow spot light! Perfect for private events, dances, or stage productions. Your guests won't miss a thing?

Small: $75

Large: $100

Hollywood Searchlight

Be a star. The searchlight will shoot a beam into the clouds that can be seen up to 3 miles away. A great way to bring attention to just about anything.

$125.00 per hour minimum 2 hours

Generator: $25.00/hr.

Flat par up-lighting
Flat par and can up-lighting
Custom Monogram
Up-lighting effects
Custom monogram
A light extravaganza
Mirror ball
Custom mongram
Hollywood Searchlight